Founded in 1968, The Refined Bitumen Association is the consolidated voice of the UK bitumen supply industry. Its membership comprises the UK's major bitumen producers who, between them, supply nearly all of the country's bitumen.

As a consultative body, the RBA promotes the most effective use of bituminous materials within the construction industry, provides technical advice and information, and funds research into bituminous products.

The Association is involved in the development of industry policy on quality assurance and best practices relating to issues such as safety, storage and the handling of bitumen. The RBA is also involved in the development of specifications and test methods for bitumen as well as working with contractors and authorities on issues relating to the
use and recycling of bituminous materials.

The Association liaises closely with the European Bitumen Association, Eurobitume and with a network of national bitumen associations, ARBIT in Germany and GPB in France , to promote the safe and efficient use of bitumen.