5 Best Action Camera For Motorcycle | Top Picks Of 2021

Motorcycle helmet cameras are becoming quite popular as activity cameras become lighter and smaller. So many helmet manufacturers haven’t created motorcycle helmets with cameras built-in. However, there are a lot of little and light action cameras with motorcycle helmet mounts currently available to help you attach a POV camera to your bicycle helmet or another sort of helmet.

Whenever picking a motorcycle helmet camera and bracket solution, you’ll wish to look at the weight of the camera (too heavy may be embarrassing to wear a helmet), how big this camera, and the angle at which you attach the camera into the helmet. Some people today would rather own cameras that affix to the front of this helmet, and others prefer to install a video camera to the left or right side of this helmet at a 90-degree angle. A few camera mounts furnish articulating arms to enable side mounting.

5 Best Action Camera For Motorcycle | Top Picks

1. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash CamCheck Price
2. Campark 4K 20MP Action CameraCheck Price
3. GoPro Hero5Check Price
4. Blueskysea DV688 DashcamCheck Price
5. Mengshen Helmet CameraCheck Price

1. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam

Best Action Camera For Motorcycle
  • Cinematic Full HD 1080P video
  • Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Minimize motion blurring
  • IP66-rated M1 can withstand
  • Access the iOS/Android mobile app


THINKWARE was setting high end dashboard cams for cars today for numerous years now they’ve published their camera installation for bicycles. The m 1 motorsports is a double camera setup together with rear and front cameras which plug into the primary unit at which the chip and storage device would be.

This really is a favorite image sensor on car dashboard cams and supplies great night-vision or after black video quality in addition to crisp day-time video. THINKWARE employs innovative digital image stabilization (EIS) to provide you a smoother video if you should be riding on rocky dirt roads or even have an even quieter suspension.

Even the full bicycle camera process is more watertight, which means that you can capture in most weather and also render the drapes eternally installed onto your own bike, providing you a real”Set It and Forget It” camera installation which you aren’t getting with a helmet camera.

While many other bicycle ashrams which provide GPS need you to employ an outside GPS module that has to be installed onto the bike after which plugged into the most important camera system, the m 1 gets got the GPS antenna built into the home unit, freeing up extra space onto your own bike.

Additionally builtin to the THINKWARE m-1 camera is wi fi, letting you remotely connect into them 1 with your cell phone. When you download the totally free i-OS or Android THINKWARE program you’re able to save videos directly to your mobile or tablet computer and earn dash camera setting adjustments. As the m 1 doesn’t need a screen, you’ll want to get this done as a way to place up the camera.

Overall we believe the THINKWARE m 1 is your very best high end bicycle dashboard camera in the marketplace now for its high sound quality, durable build, built-in wi-fi along with GPS, and the name of THINKWARE from the dashboard camera field.

2. Campark 4K 20MP Action Camera

best action camera for hunting
  • 4K/30fps and takes photo at 20MP
  • Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Wireless 2.4G remote, Wifi and APP connection
  • Helmet camera supports external microphone
  • Giving you excellent sound experience
  • Waterproof Camera with Accessories Kits


This model is on the surface of the lineup, offering impressive superb 4k image quality, also with the power to record video in thirty frames per minute. Additionally, it may simply take photos at 16M, that’ll allow you to record and share your footage together with family and friends in impressive resolution. Built with a couple hundred and seventy-degree optional camera lens, this particular version has a two-inch H D display screen, and a lens which is highly adjustable, which means you will not overlook any details.

This model has an average battery life of just couple of minutes, which can be a drawback for a number of riders, particularly once you consider the charging period is just three hours.

Additionally included is WiFi remote controller which lets you get a handle on the camera features together with your smart phone so you may adjust settings and edit files inside real time. At this time you can instantly share photos and videos on societal networking, as a result of compatibility with Android and iOS systems. The camera is also waterproof, so it is intended to handle riding in colder weather. It features a waterproof rating up to at least one hundred feet deep and includes a watertight case. Therefore not only is this version perfect for helmet usage, but it’s also a excellent option for swimming and surfing pool. A part of the package are just two batteries. All these are double sided rechargeable batteries that come with multifunctional accessories that may enable you to mount your camera to your wrist, bike, or even helmet.

3. GoPro Hero5

Best Action Camera For Motorcycle
  • Waterproof to 33 feet
  • USB cable and a computer or charge device
  • Captured at 10 mp with a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Single press of the shutter button
  • Operating system compatibility MAC, PC


GoPro is among the largest names in sports camera wear, therefore I was eager to review a few of their best-selling models, the Hero5. This camera is more durable, comes full of some fantastic extras, and features a durable home that will ensure your camera can take loads of abuse and use out on the road. This model has a curved glue mount, a normal framework, a USB cable, a mounting buckle, along with flat adhesive mount. Unfortunately, in comparison with the other cameras which I reviewed, this model features a very low watertight rating and can simply be underwater up to thirty three feet. Charging the camera is both easy and quick, with the enclosed USB cable and linking it to your computer. This model offers 10-mp and a resolution of 4k, which means you’ll enjoy superior pictures and video footage.

This is really a camera that has it all, including one-button video recording, voice recording, and impressive image insertion. It’s possible to download the Go Pro program and share your video and graphics with family members and friends or upload images to your social media accounts. You could even download the Quik app to edit your own footage and images, for pro-quality outcomes. The voice control feature will allow you to work with simple voice commands to control the camera’s functions, including recording, shooting pictures, and stopping recording. You could even pick out of time lapse modes, and burst along with only shots.

4. Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike Dashcam

Best Action Camera For Motorcycle
  • 1080p Front Rear Dual Lens
  • Waterproof 130° Angle
  • 2.35″ LCD Screen
  • Night Vision for Rider


With the popularity of car dash cameras rising, we have seen a gain in dash cam manufactures. Blueskysea started selling mid range some time past and have been selling bicycle cameras as well.

The DV688 hasbeen a popular budget motorcycle camera for many, as it includes full 1080p video on both the front and rear cameras, giving you full video coverage all around your bike. Using a Sony image sensor, it’s good night time recording skills or great”night vision” video.

Blueskysea’s DV688 doesn’t need wi fi or perhaps the ability for you to connect into the camera unit with your phone. All of moto camera configurations will need to be accomplished entirely on the primary camera unit using the 2.35 inch display, so it should be situated in somewhat of an accessible area in your bike. There was , however, a”remote control” which is a really small wired box which you may press on a button on that will lock/save the present video file or have an image, which might possibly be installed onto your own handles pubs for fast and easy access.

If you want WiFi, then the Blueskysea DV526 has integrated Wifi for connecting the phone to the camera using his or her program.

The DV526 includes a more compact lens and of 1-10 degrees, whereas the other models possess a larger lens angle of 130°.

5. Mengshen Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Best Action Camera For Motorcycle
  • Support high capacity TF card
  • Ultra wide angle of 120 degrees
  • Ultra clear picture in darker
  • Built-in lithium electricity
  • Built-in microphone


This model offers 1080P video resolution, with an impressively long battery life that comes in at two and a half hours, compared to sixty to ninety minutes, which is what you’ll get from many leading higher priced models. The camera can also support a high capacity TF card up to thirty-two gigabytes, however, the card is sold separately.

The camera itself features a very small compact design and offers an ultra-wide angle of one hundred and twenty degrees, which allows you to adjust the camera at several angles. This camera is able to capture crystal clear image quality in a variety of lighting conditions.

It also comes with a built-in vibration motor, microphone, and intuitive controls that make this camera very user-friendly. Unlike competing models in this price bracket, this model is not waterproof, so it should not be used in inclement weather conditions, which can be a huge drawback for many potential buyers.

Aspects to Look For While Picking The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

While buying any item, you tend to look at a number of aspects that you definitely need in your purchase. It’s important that you’re clear about what features you need and what you are prepared to compromise.

This guide covers a wide variety of facets that will assist you to pick the best motorcycle helmet camera to suit you.

1. Resolution and Frame Rate

The first point to look for in virtually any camera is its own resolution and frame speed. These help us differentiate cameras on the grounds of image quality. It is a well-documented fact that the higher the resolution and frame rate, the better is that the image quality, which implies more comprehensive footage.

4K (UHD-Ultra high definition ) could be your highest available resolution at the moment. It provides amazing clarity and the footage recorded is acutely sharp with minimal noise. However, 4K cameras are usually somewhat bit expensive as this technology is relatively newer. The UHD footage tends to require more distance and that could prove to be a significant concern in more journeys. 1080p is the standard resolution for most cameras these days and suits just about all applications.

When it has to do with frame prices, the greater the fps (frames per second) evaluation, the smoother are the videos. Higher frame rates are vitally important if you plan on creating a lot of slow-motion videos. But they wind up taking plenty of space. 30 fps is your standard frame rate right now, and such cameras can capture smooth videos.

Moreover, the captured footage ends up shooting lesser distance than videos shot at higher frame prices. A place to keep in mind while going for a higher framerate could be that they tend to do slower in low-light conditions. Thus, if there’s plenty of night riding in your journey, the A30 fps camera is your best choice.

2. Performance and Durability

The total performance is essential if you should be on the lookout for the very best return for your investment decision. The Ideal helmet camera Has to Be able to:

  • Capture Hd Images
  • Provide a broad angle footage
  • Record sharp movies using top caliber and also fps
  • Achieve compatibility with top rates and jerks
  • Provide Numerous Functionalities

Still another component of a fantastic bicycle helmet camera will be durability. A fantastic helmet camera has to have the ability to endure a ton of experiences. You’ll find cameras that are more effective in rain, and then you can find many others offering the highest quality on excessively rough terrain. There are a few cameras with varying resistances too. All of it depends upon where the rider plans to shoot this particular camera. Therefore it’s essential for buyers to learn precisely what they desire.

3. Structure

Build quality is important when it comes to deciding upon the best helmet camera for motorcycles. You may expect you’ll be shooting in probably the most extreme climate and terrain. Thus, it’s essential that the helmet camera is hardy enough to defy such collapses.

The form and dimensions of this camera also matter a lot. A buyer must ensure it is compact and portable. Helmet cameras also have to be lightweight so as to not apply undue strain on the head and neck of the riders, which may result in an unwanted distraction.

The cameras must ensure that they can easily be mounted anywhere, like the handlebar, clamp, bench, or the torso, and should stay attached in one place in order to prevent shakiness during jerks. A universal mounting system might cost only a little more but will supply you with the liberty of mounting your camera anywhere.

4. Image Stabilization

It is almost imperative that a good motorcycle helmet camera must have the ideal image stabilization features. A built-in accelerometer and gyroscope provide optimum image and video functionality. In recent times, a new feature called Electronic Image Stabilization (EIC) has become an important addition to helmet cameras. This new feature can help in eliminating any recurrence caused because of extreme weather conditions.

5.Field of View (FOV)

The entire area recorded by a lens at any given time gives us the Field of View of a lens. Fisheye Lenses will guarantee that we receive the very best field of opinion while they’ve wide angles.

These angles provide three different Fields of View: Broad (160-170 degrees), Moderate (roughly 140 degrees), and Narrow (about 90 degrees). Depending upon the requirement, the buyer could spend money on whatever they decide to. The only drawback of using a fisheye lens is that a distortion called the fisheye effect that tends to flex the picture around corners.

6. Battery Life

This is probably one of the main elements to look at when investing in the very best motorcycle helmet. The last point you’d want is your camera to go out of juice in the initial 30 minutes of your ride. Thus, it’s advisable that you invest in rechargeable and removable batteries to ensure even when the power runs out, you’ll be able to take recharging/replacing them.

  • One significant thing to keep in mind is the fact that bicycle helmet cams generally
  • Contain lithium ion batteries, which generally lead to a challenge in extreme cold
  • And hot weather. Consequently, It could be a smart decision to invest in a helmet
  • The camera comes with spare batteries.

7. Storage Capacity

Due to their small dimensions, helmet cameras generally tend to have low inbuilt storage capabilities. So it’s a good idea to purchase cameras with external SD cards to get longer rides. This will ensure you never run out of space whilst capturing the very best moments in your way.

Class 10 SD cards often give the very best performance in bicycle dashboard cameras. The general notion is that the higher the class, the better is the performance of the sd card.

Some high-end motorcycle helmet cameras come with WiFi. Using one of these, you are able to instantly stream your footage on a PC or telephone number.

8. Extra Features

There are quite a few additional features that might be of immense help if you’re prepared to spend money on them. All these are listed below:

9. GPS

GPS automatically geo-tags the recorded footage to the positioning as it is in a position to find you whereabouts at any time. This helps you create your pictures or images location-specific.

10. Connectivity

With the world getting more and more skillful into the internet with every passing day, connectivity in any and all forms can easily become a driving factor when searching for the best motorcycle helmet. WiFi and Bluetooth are extremely vital for most riders. Bluetooth helps to ensure he/she can get a grip on the camera over a small distance. On the flip side, WiFi ensures that the camera is connected to the internet in any way times which assists indirect transmission or flow of this footage.

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