5 Best Corded Electric String Trimmer | Top Picks Of 2021

If you’re searching for a fantastic corded series trimmer you ought to earn an assortment of considerations. These generally include the distance of the cable, how successful the engine is, and just how wide you need your cutting width is. We spent hours researching products and reviewing these to narrow it down into an inventory for you personally.

Corded electric string trimmers are also known as weed eaters are specialized tools used to cut down grass in tight places. Due to chain trimmers, areas that are tough to reach by traditional lawn mowers are all maintained.

They are beneficial at cutting grass on irregular and steep surfaces, near to around barriers. The most effective corded electric string trimmer will come in handy since the most appropriate tool for edging. You will do well to digest the information presented within this article.

5 Best Corded Electric String Trimmer | Top Picks

Best Corded Electric String TrimmerCheck Price
1. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer Check Price
2. Greenworks Amp Electric Trimmer Check Price
3. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer Check Price
4. WORX WG119 15 Electric String Trimmer Check Price
5. Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer Check Price

1. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer
  • AFS automatic feed system
  • The 6.5-Amp motor
  • High torque transmission
  • Corded-Electric.13 inch cut path
  • Power Drive Transmission prevents


The black & decker GH900 chain trimmer is most powerful yet cheap tools that might assist you to wash around those difficult to reach corners and places on your garden or yard. The build and design offer exceptional support and sharp blades which are available in convenient to slit through grasses and twigs. Here are some notable features of this trimmer:

A patented POWERDRIVE transmission system having a trusted motor system makes sure that the lines are turning at high levels to slice through marijuana together with on stroke. The engine will not what it was designed to complete since customer reviews have been close 100% positive.

The trimmer has a retention cable that you could plug in to your own extension cord/box during usage. This feature will involve some benefits because users may retract the cord back into the trimmer before firing.

The addition of a pivoting grip creates the trimmer very easy to use. This feature an often overlooked benefit that enables users to correct the grip and handle to an proper height. To use this feature, simply adjust the angle into a grip that is comfortable for you.

Finally, this trimmer has a push button which gets rid of the need for cranking a cable to fire the engine up. This is a very useful feature in case you suffer for back aches of don’t wish to handle a pull cable.

With zero fume emissions, Black & Decker are a leading brand when it comes to machines made for environmental sustainability. The GH900 version is no exception to this convention.

2. Greenworks Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer
  • Adjustable telescoping shaft
  • Convenient cord lock
  • Lightweight construction
  • Includes a 3 year warranty


For those who require a relatively inexpensive weed-eater with superior features than a investment at the Greenworks 21212 corded series trimmers is just a smart choice to produce. It’s light weight in character, simple to use and it has enough capacity to pay just a little yard. Let us take a look at a few features that stand out it:

Evidently, this version being a power trimmer uses a cable to power the body. It starts quietly and does not need much to keep up. There’s not any requirement to take care of annoying batteries is that their gas fumes to cope with. The single draw back is the trimming area is restricted by the period of cable accessible.

The ability system of the pot trimmer puts it being a perfect option for smaller yards. For the price tag, do not anticipate the ability of a petrol trimmer nonetheless it’s adequate to find the business finished.

To take care of weeds that are tough, Greenworks utilizes using a double chain line system to increase efficacy. Having a dual-line feed strategy inplace, less effort will be necessary to cut through thick weeds. This version employs an auto-feed platform to progress the line any-time that the cause has been published.

Much like the complete best trimmer discussed previously, this Greenworks version also supplies a conventional edger functionality. The one distinction is really on the way in which a edger is triggered. Touse the edger featureand loosen the centre rod alterations and twist the mind . Touse the edger, utilize the metallic guide only by the medial side.

Notable alterations settings which produce that the trimmer/edger simple to make use of comprise setting the rotating shaft height and placement the handle to match the consumer. 1 small draw back is that this trimmer is still quite short, so even when you’re successful al stretching the rotating shaft entirely, in the event that you’re approximately 6 ft tall you’ll still must bend up to make use of it.

We have to warn that the mind with this trimmer can not be tilted to both sides. Maintaining hard to reach places can end up being a challenging venture.

3. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer
  • Electric-powered 13-inch string trimmer
  • Single-line with auto-feed feature
  • Runs on .065-Inch diameter line
  • Twist & edge capability feature


It’s a light weight design which lets it trim hard you reach places which lawn mowers dare tackle. Use it for an hour to cut out the roughest of blossoms hiding away in corners of one’s garden.

Unlike the double string of this trimmers discussed above, this model has a single series system. Consequently, the one chain system will offer less energy compared to a double string system. The string system takes a 0.065-inch string that is may be noticeably heavy for one series system.

The ergonomic design of the handles and body may make this model very comfortable to use. It is extremely powerful, users are advised to wear protective Googles because the string throws things apart. A powerful performance combined with ergonomic designs makes this model one of the choicest lawn trimmers available in stores.

Much like additional trimmers discussed, this model also has a dual-mode feature that permits users to select from using the tool as a trimmer or as an edger. To help this cause, there’s an inbuilt edge guide to improve the validity of your trimming efforts and also a trimmer guard to enable you to get into tight corners.

For one string trimmer, even the 13-inch cutting path is suitable for lawns and garden pruning trimming routines. The power from the electric system is adequate enough to carry on any kind of marijuana. The only demerit is that you will have to take care of the limits of a extension cable.

The body type of this Craftsman model permits great balance while trimming the yard, pavement or garden. We have been of the opinion that users will find this feature handy over other trimmers with minimal balancing feature. The feed or head system is both horizontal and comprises the utilization of various directing shields to simplify trimming routines.

4. WORX WG119 15 Electric String Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer
  • 2-IN-1 Rotating shaft turns
  • Dual-line feed system 
  • 90° HEAD Change angle
  • Telescopic shaft makes


The job WG119 electric string trimmer includes a larger cutting edge swath than many trimmers recorded within this guide. In reality, the average cutting course of the majority of trimmers will be 13-inch, thus a 15-inch cutting course will give you more thickness to trimming patterns. But this increased cutting course comes at the cost of reduced capacity to navigate by hard to reach corners.

This version isn’t in short supply of their essential power required to propel the series in spins. When you’ve got rough weeds and springs to handle, we have been of the belief trimmer may measure up to the duty since it’s a 5.5 amps engine. This engine creates enough centripetal force over the strings to cut by the stubborn weeds in tight places.

Probably the very prominent feature that boosts the ease and comfort and handling with this trimmer would be your telescoping handle. This deal allows end users to correct the grips and also elevation of this deal for your own requirements. With this particular version, the annoying back pain which is included with always needing to bend up to trimming is mitigated.

Aside from the flexible telescoping shaft, the mind can be corrected in 4 incremental measures to satisfy the cutting edge essentials of the person. Head elevation alteration is 1 feature that’s missing in plenty of series trimmers to day. The alteration setting also permits more effective cutting on for trimming dirty places.

The task WG119 electric string trimmer uses a dual-line auto-feed platform to permit quick lineup progress. The auto-feed system removes unintentional slips with this line.

Such as other high trimmers in its own category, this version transforms in an edger by rotating the grip and adjusting the mind in a suitable direction. It transforms in to casting equipment to cut clean borders in sidewalks, drives, patios, and paths. You require the functionality of a dependable edger in the event you would like to present your yard a sharp professional appearance.

5. Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer
  • Powerful 4-amp motor
  • 13-inch maximum cutting swath
  • Ergonomic handle adjusts for comfort
  • Flower guard protects trimmer contact
  • Full 2-year warranty; ETL approved


Sun Joe can be actually a household name with regards to innovative exterior tools which decorate the whole location. This trimmer was intended to assist you to immediately access trimming tasks done punctually.

To build the spins needed by the series trimmer, Sun Joe has a highly effective 4-amp engine system which cuts through the bud in an drifty. Whether you’ve got over grown weeds or thick blossoms in tight corners which conventional yard mowers want to attain, then the high centripetal rates from the strings can handle cutting them down to size.

Sunlight Joe TrJ13STE is made as a 2In1 version to create one of the very best of both worlds; pruning and trimming. Its principal work for being a trimmer keeps it prior to this match and also other trimmers by supplying crisp bud cutting hard to reach areas. By rotating the rotating shaft in 180 amounts you immediately convert the trimmer in to a trustworthy edger.

The blossom shield system functions to raise the functionality of this trimmer. A lot of moment, trimmers have been damaged by either unwarranted connections bumped in to avoidable obstacles. The blossom shield feature mitigates casual trimmer touch with barriers here by boosting the shelve elevator of this series.

A conventional 13-inch cutting edge swath using a solid engine makes quick work of over grown heavy and grass weeds. We have been of the belief the swath is made of appropriate breadth to readily reach tight corners.

Only 5 pounds, sunlight Joe TRJ13STE is amongst the lightest series trimmers in our checklist. Using something weight this non, the trimmer is a lot easier to go around barriers compared to many services and products in stores now. Additionally, it can be taken around readily and there’ll not be any trouble locating a little space to save it.

Buying Factors

Many factors contribute to choosing your unique trimmer. Consider how long you feel that you will be able to work with your selected trimmer. Will you be comfortable dealing together with a lightweight trimmer for a more extended quantity of time or a heavier weight trimmer for a briefer period of time? All of these are excellent questions to ask yourself before you’re buying. Have a peek at this set of important variables to consider when preparing for your next corded electric string trimmer purchase.


Consider the quantity of power your trimmer can deliver and select from routine or high quality models. Many trimmers are available with multiple lineup features such as more durable lines, more lines, and dual lines. Consider the landscape you require to undertake in order to choose a trimmer with the best cutting lines for the individual projects.

Cutting Lines

Most trimmers are available with multiple line features such as stronger lines, more lines, and dual lines. Consider the landscape you want to handle to be able to choose a trimmer with the ideal cutting lines for the unique projects.

Cutting Path

Related into the cutting lines is your trimming path. The cutting edge path is that the diameter of this pathway that your strimmer is able to cut. An option with a larger cutting course will make your trimming project done quicker but will not give precision landscaping.

Trimmer Weight

This really is a significant element. Even as we discussed before choosing a trimmer that you feel comfortable in handling is important to the success of one’s trimming projects. Try tackling several strimmers using unique weights to find the perfect feel for you until you buy.


If your ultimate goal is to develop a well-manicured landscape or lawn, then you’ll absolutely need to consider trimmers with extra features to achieve your desired result. Accessories such as retractable cords, pivoting handles, and different available trimmer accessories may make all of the difference in the next trimming job.

While shopping for your next corded chainsaw trimmer, consider the end result you want to accomplish and then purchase the trimmer that’s most in accordance with the aims you have set for the project.

Double Functions

Some trimmers were created as trimmers just for cutting weeds and grass, while some are made with double purposes to incorporate sanding along with also other features for accuracy landscaping.

Shaft Type S

Trimmers are equipped with a curved or straight rotating shaft. Straight bottoms are more operational in tight distances and offer a protracted reach. Curved shaft trimmers are advantageous to trimming open locations and wide distances, but do not provide too much maneuverability because their straight counterparts.

Important Legal Considerations for Operation

Some countries such as California have special legal issues and requirements in place for its use of landscaping and lawn equipment and their related compounds. Be sure to check the laws and rules of a state or local governing ability to assure that you’re complying with all relevant laws prior to picking a trimmer and associated accessories or materials.

Trimmer FAQ’s

How do I know that trimmer is going to become the simplest to use?

After assessing the features and functions of available trimmers, try to deal with a few trimmers of different sizes to get an concept of exactly what your personal trimming experience will resemble. Opt for a trimmer which feels most comfortable for you.

What’s your primary difference between straight and curved shaft trimmers?

The principal difference between both would be reach and manoeuvrability. Straight shaft trimmers offer a more reach and more manoeuvrability than curved shaft trimmers.

Why do I want to check on local regulations before using my trimmer to landscaping my yard?

Certain nations have rules and laws set up associated with compound usage when operating yard and lawn equipment. Be on the safe side and ensure that your condition or municipality will not always have similar laws in place.

Last Thoughts

Now we’ve reviewed product testimonials and provided you with a buyers direct you should come to feel ready. This we mean certain when venturing outside to finish your following electric string trimmer.

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