10 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet | Top Picks Of 2021

If you love tennis just like we do, but in addition provide flat feet just like many people, it could pose a significant problem. If your toes are as flat as ship oars, then cutting and running a tennis court could make a lot of pain and provide you sore feet. Grabbing an adequate couple of golf shoes and trimming your socks up isn’t the ideal solution.

If it comes to flat feet, then it’s about the actual footwear which you placed on your own feet. Finding really great tennis shoes for flat feet can make all the difference in the world.

However, perhaps not all the tennis-shoes have been made equal. Lucky for you, we’ve put in over 20 hours of court shoe research, analyzed all the top brands to give you the Best 10 Best tennis-shoes for flat foot feet.

10 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

Which Kind of Tennis-shoes is Best for Flat Feet?

When it comes to selecting the ideal tennis shoe for flat feet, then the first step is always to understand your own foot shape. The foot can be still an incredible appendage. Small bones, the tarsal and metatarsal, held together by ligaments and tendons, may support the whole weight of the human own body whenever you’re standing, walking, running, jumping, stopping, and cutting (all the movements you work if playing tennis).

Once you run, jump or stop quickly, the force that you apply on your own foot could be as much as eight times your own bodyweight! Think of. Eight times your body weight! That proves that the ideal shoe is absolutely crucial! That’s why proper footwear is vital, and why foot disquiet is possible if you do not have the ideal court shoes.

In our opinion the ideal tennis shoe for flat feet will offer support, cushioning, and also the right measurements to accommodate your particular foot contour without pressing the bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments that you need in order to absorb the shock out of the rigors of tennis.

If you need to continue playing with the game you love, you need to have proper gear, and footwear is arguably the most crucial piece of gear… eyes above a ​good racquet.

How Tennis-shoes for Flat Feet Also Work for People With Low Arches

The shoe industry employs several terms for foot form. Another method to describe level feet, for example, will be”low arches.” You can also hear that the definition of”fallen arches” in the place of monarchs. In regards to finding the very best tennis shoe for flat feet, all three phrases refer to exactly the same foot shape. . .yours.

Consequently, when someone says they are looking at tennis-shoes specifically for people with flat feet, this indicates the same thing as wanting to come across the ideal tennis shoes for people with low arches or the very best tennis shoes for players together with fallen arches. It’s all the same.

On shoe sites, you will frequently see a lineup for”arch” under the shoe specifications. If you’re searching for the best tennis shoes for monarchies, you will be mostly thinking about the”low” listings.

All of our listings under, and have a”low” arch rating and therefore are frequently believed to be the most comfortable tennis shoes to get players who have horizontal feet.

What’s Pronation and What’s it Associated with Flat Feet?

Pronation is the definition of that’s about the cushioning properties of one’s own foot. You’re able to consider pronation as the own body’s suspension strategy. Whenever you’re playing tennis (or every other game ), your feet will probably roll, along with also your arch will probably push down towards your courtroom to absorb the shock once you’re in charge of it.

Approximately 1 / 3 to a quarter of most people have”impartial” pronation. Neutral pronation usually means they will have an all purely natural inward roll which permits them to absorb shock effortlessly. People that have over-pronation roll excessively, which may lead to less than perfect impact moderation. This motion may result in foot pain.

You also need to know the association between pronation and foot form. Shoe retailers normally don’t ask you concerning”pronation” whenever you move to obtain a shoe. Most importantly, but have information regarding the arch elevation of their own shoes.

Arch elevation is essential since the elevation of one’s own arches is directly associated with pronation. People who have fallen arches, or even flat feet, usually are over-pronators.

What’s Supination and is it Associated with Flat Feet?

One other extreme is under-pronation or supination, which takes place once the foot doesn’t roll enough by the finish of each stride. Athletes will naturally undergo supination once they’re pushing accelerating or off, but individuals who undergo it all of the time are apt to have high arches, so perhaps not reduced arches. When you’ve got flat feet, then you don’t need to look for golfing shoes for individuals who have high arches or even supination.

How Do You Know Whether I’ve Flat Feet? If you aren’t just a podiatrist (a physician specializing in feet), then you will most likely be unable to share with where you match the pronation scale only by looking down again. Fortunately, you are able to carry out a basic test with no particular equipment to determine whether you’ve got flat feet.

It’s possible to utilize any surface which may absorb the water and generate an obvious and total imprint of your foot.

To carry out the wet feet evaluation you may wet the feet, then walk across the top utilizing a standard stride. You are going to desire to have a couple of steps at a minimum, and also you also don’t need to make use of an excessive amount of water because that won’t help make a footprint that is tolerable.

Just how do you interpret the consequences of wet feet evaluation? For those who have dropped arches (Quite simply ( in case you overpronate), then the entire sole of your foot will probably be observable on your own footprint. If you’re a neutral pronator, then your outer 1 / 2 you that the center of one’s foot will probably come on the foot outline. If you’re a supinator, then you’ll just notice your feet the ball of your foot as well as your heels at the footprint.

What if the wet feet evaluation demonstrates you have dropped arches? The next thing to do is to locate a very good couple of tennis shoes to get anyone lovely apartment foot of yours. Again, this doesn’t signify you must acquire customized footwear

1. The Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

What’s the ideal court shoe for tennis players together with flat feet? If you ask us, of course, when you ask Roger Federer, then the solution could be the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour. The 9.5 is among the most sought-after tennis shoes in the industry at this time.

Vapor 9.5’s fame is not only because of its association with Federer. It outperforms most other available choices regarding both technical specifications, comfort, and burden. Oahu is the entire package!

For players who have level feet, it’s a particularly great option due to its low arches and wide design. The lightweight is seamless (an advancement over the prior model, the Vapor 9 Tour), also it provides an excellent amount of service as a result of its elastic athletic design.

The elastic fit limits break-in time, which means that you are able to wear a pair of Vapor 9.5s right out of the box. The cushioning is soft in the mind, and also lower into the ground while in front, just like a sports car! This is a technical feature that higher level players, who love to feel the court once they move, will love. Players may even love the lightweight design, which can assist you to move like a cheetah in the courtroom!

2. The Nike Air Vapor Advantage

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The Nike Air Vapor Advantage is the runner-up for the best tennis shoe for flat feet, however, it’s a close second.

However, the difference is that the Vapor Advantage can be a more affordable option that still has a lot of the Vapor Tour elements that make it really popular among advanced level players. Authentic Vapor Advantage fans sometimes describe the cushioning to be soft it really is”pillowy.”

The synthetic upper contributes to the lightweight, airy texture. What makes this tennis shoe a great option for players who have flat feet is it is wider than the typical shoe, ​and it’s a ​low arch.

This combination is ideal for players who feel”pinched” by medium-width shoes that form the vast majority of the tennis shoe market. The Vapor Advantage’s XDR rubber only gives players grip and durability.

When along with Air cushioning, the rubber provides this particular shoe with a speedy, low-the-the-ground, stable texture. The synthetic-and-mesh upper is lightweight and breathable. These pliable materials also make for a Quick Breakin period so you don’t have to Be Worried about getting blisters Merely to get accustomed to them.

3. The Asics Gel Challenger 11

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

We believe the Challenger 1-1 supplies the maximum value for enthusiastic players who are looking for the very best tennis shoes to get monarchs. Despite decreasing in the middle tier so far as price is concerned, the Challenger 1 1 has some high-end characteristics that’ll appeal to players who appreciate performance and relish the more-technical aspects of shoe style.

The Challenger 1 1 has a high-abrasion rubber sole that provides excellent traction on different court surfaces. More importantly, the mult-court versatility is what causes this Value Pick. The top region of the shoe has synthetic fabric and mesh, which combine to offer a lightweight feel with a combination of breathability and service. No sweaty feet here.

The shoe is extremely durable, which makes it a great investment for players that are to the court every day (or more often than once a week).

This system, together with all the lower arch evaluation, means that this model is a great option for avid gamers who really have difficulty finding shoes to suit their feet. ​ This is a great tennis shoe for gamers with dropped arches along with broad feet. ​ In fact, ASICS in general tends to run wide. If you are interested in value, then we think this should be the very first pair you attempt. The Challenger 1 1 is available in men’s and women’s sizes.

4. The ASICS Gel Dedicate 5

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The ASICS Gel Court Speed meets the principal criteria to get a person with horizontal feet. To begin with, the style features low arches. The top part of the shoe has a breathable mesh material, and in addition, it boasts a mesh liner. The mesh makes the shoe breathable and cool, which will be definitely an excellent combination for hard court players!

The mesh also will help to make the shoe lightweight without sacrificing support. Additionally, as it mainly meshes, the shoe will fit well right from this box. In other words, you won’t need to deal with a”break-in time period.”

The Court Rate comes with a detachable cushioned footbed. If you need an alternative level of support, you can very quickly add a customized add for additional aid. So really, it is possible to get this to shoe supportive or as comfortable as you want. This is an attribute we love! At length, the proprietary ASICS Gel cushioning at the front and heel of the shoe add an extra layer of cushioning without interfering with your ability to cut on the court.

5. Asics Gel Court Rate

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The ASICS Gel Court Speed meets the principal criteria for a new player with feet. First, the design has low arches. The upper region of the shoe has a breathable mesh material, and additionally, it features a mesh lining. The mesh makes the shoe breathable and cool, which is definitely a superb combination for hard court players!

The net also will help to make the shoe lightweight without sacrificing support. Also, because it’s main net, the shoe will fit well right from the box. To put it differently, you will not have to deal with a”breaking time period.”

The Court Rate comes with a removable padded footbed. If you desire an alternative degree of service, you can very quickly add a custom add for extra support. So, you can get this to shoe supportive or as comfortable as you want. This is a feature we love! The padded collar and rubber outsole add comfort and traction to performing quick cuts. At length, the proprietary ASICS Gel cushioning at the front and heel of the shoe add an extra layer of shock absorption without interfering with your ability to lower on the court.

6. Nike Air Zoom Cage 3

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

Zoom Cage 3 has a stylish mixture of support and durability. The proprietary XDR outsoles come with a seven-year durability warranty, which will attract avid players searching for a good investment. That is unique in the tennis-shoes arena. Flat footed tennis players will like the lower arch and also the support-focused design of this particular shoe.

Cage 3 includes exactly what Nike requires a”full bootie” design. This usually means the shoe gets extra padding around the ankle that locks your foot to place, and also an outside heel molding offers added support without sacrificing cushion or relaxation. Consider it like a cushioned sock that arises on your ankle – as a boot could.

The upper portion with this shoe utilizes a material called Kurim. Kurim is a lightweight chemical that is flexible, durable and offers an almost”skin-like” or even”sock-like” feel for the wearer. Because it is pliable, Kurim will adjust to your foot, which can be ideal for anyone who does ​not possess an average to medium-arch and medium-width foot.

This mix brings a fitted, breathable feel without adding weight. Even the Air Zoom Cage 3 is a superb alternative for players who need a cozy fit which isn’t too tight. The”justright” fit is a good that’s not always simple to get if you have flat feet.

7. Nike Air Zoom Prestige

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

If superior comfort is your thing, this might be the shoe for you. Thanks to this inner low arch, players together with horizontal feet may delight in the snug fit and ample support without fretting about the bending and bulging which originates from shoes with moderate arches.

Nike’s TPU shank provides extra support where players having low arches need it most: in the distance between the insole and outsole. In shoe design and style, the shank is quite critical for diminishing the load on your wearer’s feet and calves and also this Nike version does a great job at the!

In the beginning,”shank” was a term employed in trekking and mountaineering boots. However, the additional support is beneficial for any game that requires running, aggressive starting and stopping – such as Tennis or pickle-ball . The Prestige also comes with an extra layer of toe rubber.

8. Nike Air Zoom Ultra

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The Air Zoom Ultra is among many better options for players who have fallen arches or flat feet that prefer ultra-lightweight footwear. The Ultra includes Nike’s trademark Zoom Air cushioning system. The cushion, together with woven mesh top, provides plenty of aid and performance within a shoe which weighs at an impressively-light 1-1 ounce. 1 1 oz, that is it!

As a result of the lightweight, flexible structure, the Zoom Air Ultra does not take a break-in period. That alone makes the Ultra among their very best tennis shoes for players with low arches in the event that you’d like something which you can wear right out of this box.

A pair of tennis-shoes should include an excess pair of socks as your feet will be needing them for the break-in period. Some tennis players don’t mind doing that and some times prefer 2 layers of socks. That nevertheless, isn’t mandatory with all the Air Zoom Ultras, which in our opinion, is ideal.

Another advantage of this lightweight net design is superior breathability. Exactly how can this type of lightweight shoe perform in regards to supporting your foot? The Ultra includes Nike’s trademark Flywire cable jelqing, which helps to offer a snug fit that could adjust to your foot shape.

The TPU shank offers aid for the midst of the foot, which is very noticeable when you’re putting on or stopping in the courtroom. The thin rubber area around the toe adds to the shoe’s total strength. As an advantage, this rubber portion is waterproof, so your shoes will always be sterile. No swamp feet here!

9. Nike Air Zoom Resistance

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The Nike Air Zoom Resistance has a low arch, but a high degree of durability. This sturdy quality will make this an attractive solution for players who want to find lots of good use out from these own investments.

The GDR rubber outsole provides excellent grip on every surface, as the TPU shank adds stability when cutting. That is particularly useful for the more experienced tennis player that puts more damage in their shoes.

Players who need a shoe that includes a solid, stable feel will see themselves attracted to the Resistance. The synthetic leather and mesh design offer an exceptional level of support and a snug feel.

At length, the Air Zoom system brings a degree of cushioning and responsiveness that players have come to count on out of Nike Airs in any budget range. The Resistance provides tennis players having flat feet a solid option at a mid-tier budget and provides tennis enthusiasts what they would expect from a Nike tennis shoe.

10. Nike Air Zoom Ultra React H C

Best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

The ​Nike Air Zoom Ultra React HC​ is really a great shoe for players seeking a snug fit. Do not become confused though, there are just two versions with this shoe. The ​Ultra React ​and the ​Ultra React HC. The”H C” stands for court.

The”hardcourt” version has a low arch score, so perfect for players using horizontal feet while the standard Ultra React that can be played on all surfaces includes an arch rating of”moderate”.

So be conscious of that version you are thinking about. If you chief play on hard courts then your H C is going to be a wonderful solution for you. If you play all surfaces, we’d recommend that you look at one of those other shoes listed above.

The Ultra React and the Ultra React H-C offer a snug fit thanks to the Flywire cable technology Nike has ever incorporated.

Fundamentally, Flywire can be really a lacing system that gives users a snug, inviting feel regardless of these foot form. The Kurim upper also helps with this specific customized fit as it molds to your foot over the break-in period.

Finally, Air Zoom cushioning provides the blend of softness and supportive feel that players have come to count on in every shoe with got the Nike-air tag.


Playing tennis with flat feet can be a challenge but, your low arches do not have to be considered a disadvantage for you as soon as you are around the court. When it comes to selecting the very best tennis shoes for flat feet, there are plenty to choose from. However, selecting the best brands with a”low” arch rating is crucial and in our opinion, measure number one.

Now that you have reached the end of this report, you understand that whenever you’re playing with the perfect pair of court shoes, the problems of flat feet might be overcome. Among the options we have recorded above, you should find a way to discover a shoe that can finally fix the footwear problems which you’ve experienced before. You might even discover that the perfect shoe will allow you to choose your game to a high degree.

If none of those 10 shoes we urge suit you personally, hopefully now you have the wisdom and shoe terminology to go out and find a shoe that meets your preferences, your own skill level, and most importantly, your foot shape.

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