10 Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet | Top Picks Of 2021

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Shag rug has come a long way from the tendrils of dreadlocks of decades past. Now, heavy piles feel soft and rich minus the propensity to knot or tangle. To take care of these properly, you want a vacuum using special settings to retain your property that is uninstalled.

The best vacuums for shag carpets is available in all styles and price points to match your elastic needs. It is dependent on your taste for simplicity of use, want to drive back allergies, and also desire to control noise. When you have other types of floor or restricted storage area, then you are going to want a vacuum cleaner that’s more multipurpose or smaller in dimension.

To decide on the best vacuum for shag rugs at house, consider how many times you’ll be utilizing it and how durable you would like to buy to be more . Cleaning after shedding sucking or pets dried crumbling leaves determine how much power you want. Here is our take on top vacuums for shag rugs predicated on different living situations and household conditions.

10 Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet | Top Picks

1. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuumcleaner

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

The Soniclean vertical was created in collaboration with carpet manufacturer Mohawk Industries. Additionally, it holds a certification for high end from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

It’s safe and easy to utilize on natural wool and artificial, sterile carpets such as SmartStrand and Stainmaster.

Some of the reasons why you are going to love using this vacuum is that it’s easy to push. It has a flexible port system and large wheels. Because of this, it floats over soft shag carpet.

Additionally crucial, this shag carpet vacuum weighs just 10 1/2 lbs. That is an impressively light weight vacuum cleaner to get a vertical that makes it easy to move around.

But there’s more to love. The para magnetic engine creates 2 billion vibrations each minute to loosen dirt down to the backing. Yes, you’ll need to change the bag in your occasion.

While you work, you could place the vacuum level to wash beneath beds (because it’s only 7 inches thick). Plus, the power cord is unusually long at 35 feet.

In the end, in case you decide to use the fragrance dispensing system, then you can cologne your home everytime you clean.

2. Maytag M1200 Vacuum for Shag Carpet

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Maytag’s M1200 weighs approximately double what the Soniclean vacuum . That maybe because the Maytag has two motors: one for bare floors and one for carpet.

There are just six carpet settings for correcting the elevation including an automated setting. Or when you press the button on the handle, you may even switch off the roller completely.

The vacuum sports an LED head light and a 35-foot cord. Both attachments include a upholstery adhesive, a tool for crevicing, plus they all store onboard.

Then, the 6-stage HEPA-filter system contains charcoal filters to consume odor.

In conclusion, this vacuum was constructed to last. It’s commercialgrade belts, reinforced base plates, along with other metallic parts instead of plastic.

3. Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Eureka’s NEU182A lets you choose from five elevation adjustments, from moderate pile to shag.

It has a 12.6 inch-wide nozzle that will allow you to cover ground quickly. And because it weighs just 10 lbs, it’s maybe not just a monster to maneuver and super simple to move around.

In other words, it simplifies wracking crumbs out of their sofa cushions.  Then, when you’re done, only ditch the dust cup and rinse the filter.

4. Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 Max Performance Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 to pet-owners supplies several advantages over the normal upright. By way of example, it has a 15-inch floor thoughts which means you’re able to finish the project faster.

The HEPA filter with activated carbon eliminates pet dander and eliminates scents.

This vacuum has a 15-foot reach between your air hose and attachments. However, what’s also nice is that it’s a 30-foot cord.

The attachments include a pivoting dusting tool, a upholstery tool, and also a motorized pet turbo nozzle. The latter scrubs hair off of furniture and stairs.

But what you wish to understand is whether you can use this vacuum on your own shag carpeting. And the response is yes as you are able to turn off the roller with the press of a button.

5. Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30600

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

The Hoover WindTunnel MAX differs from the one previously in a few details. It does not add a motorized turbo tool for pet hair loss. However, it does have an air-powered hand tool for stairs, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

Like the one above, it’s HEPA-filter system. However, it will not arrive with carbon to remove odors.

The controller to turn off the roller will be a bicycle on the base. The roller turns off should you lock it in the vertical position to make use of attachments.

You can find seven-floor settings to adjust suction power on a number of surfaces. The 30-foot electricity cable and 15-inch base create the task go fast.

When it’s time for you to change the bag, simply press a button to drop it into the trash.

6. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Complete Sterile Upright Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

It’s tough to review vacuums with no Dyson. Animal two feels once you proceed between several kinds of flooring. It automatically adjusts suction ability to compensate. Because of this, it is extremely good at pulling pet hair without damaging the typical shag carpeting.

What I’ve noticed is that when they turn it to bare floor style , the roller and stops turning. That’s great news whenever you are cleaning hard floors or high pile carpet.

The vacuum comes with six attachments and a tool storage tote. One of those attachments is a tangle-free recorder application to grab pet hair from upholstery.

The last-minute guarantee includes free parts, labor, and shipping.

7. Sebo X5 Upright Vacuums

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Even the European-made SEBO X5 may be pricey, however it is specially built to continue to twenty decades. It has an electronic sensor that automatically adjusts for different varieties of carpet including shag.

The roller is made to take good care of from wool to Berber to cotton.

In the place of HEPA, it’s an S-Class filtration , that will be about the same. It features a 3-layer filter tote, electrostatic microfilter, and an exhaust filter that captures particles as small as 3 µm.

The manufacturer supplies a more 5-year warranty on the motorand also a 3-year warranty on non-wearing components, and one-piece complimentary labor.

8. New Miele Dynamic U1 Dog and Cat Upright Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Miele is another best manufacturer of vacuums. They provide an astonishing 7-year warranty on the engine and casing plus a one-piece guarantee for labor and parts. There is no surprise once they examine their products to defy upto 20 years of use.

The U1 pet vacuum cleaner is excellent for clearing up after Fido and Fluffy. It has an Electro Plus floor head and two motors: one for shag carpeting and one for the flooring. 1 press of this button turns the roller off to protect your shag carpeting.

Choose between 4 rubber configurations for any exterior out of carpeting to drapes. Then use whatever accessory you require, from the dusting brush, then the crevice application, or perhaps the Turbobrush. The LED head light lights up the dust bunnies under the sofa.

Even though there is no HEPA-filter, Miele’s AirClean system keeps 99.9% of harmful particles.

9. Miele Entire C-3 Marin Canister

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

Miele’s C-3 Marin is now German-made to last. It’s great for carpet and floors. Make use of the Electrobrush floorhead for the shag rugs and also the Parquet Twister for tile, wood , and laminate. Both fit easily underneath furniture.

The motorized floorhead even adjusts suction once you move from 1 surface to another next.

The motor is apparently quieter than some major brands. What’s more, this vacuum cleaner includes a 30-foot-plus deep-cleaning radius. Once you’re done, hit the switch to retract the cable.

10. New Miele Entire C-3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet

The c 3 Brilliant has more complex features compared to the c 3 Marin. It’s power-efficient and it has a 6-stage variable-speed engine which it is possible to get a handle on with your fingertips.

The top Electrobrush floorhead includes an integral LED lighting and five height adjustment settings. It’s even better worthy of cleaning shag carpeting.

The package also comes with the Parquet Twister which rotates 180° to clean hard to reach areas and places.

Other details you may love include the AirClean filter system, a velvet bumper strip to protect furniture, and also light underneath the body that will assist you to park the vacuum in dark closets.

Tips To Cleaning Shag Carpet

We’ve been guilty of vacuuming the incorrect method. But when you would like your own cigar to keep immaculate, try out these strategies.

  • Vacuum Once Weekly or longer if needed
  • Dust the space , operating from top to base, then apply the Hoover around the ground
  • Slow but continuous has got the task done correctly –you are going to Find a heftier wash
  • Make moves west and east, south and north west, maybe not only in 1 way
  • Drain the bag or canister if it is half to Twothirds complete to maintain suction powerful
  • Going for a couple of additional minutes to take action correctly means your carpeting stays cleaner, and more glowing for more.


We expect you discovered that the right fit for the cleaning needs now. It isn’t tough to secure your shag carpets whenever you have the ideal vacuumcleaner. Do bear in your mind to wash these regularly.

Drop us an opinion below to share with us about what vacuum you picked and also what you see its own performance.

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